Ask The Expert: Ian MacMichael Answers Your Wedding Photo Queries

The Wedding Vine team are delighted to announce that we have teamed up with top international photojournalist Ian MacMichael to bring you a brand new series giving our brides direct access to expert opinion on all those burning questions about wedding photography! From special tips and “how to’s” to finding the perfect angle and capturing the romantic atmosphere of your wedding day. Here a few lucky people have had the chance to speak with Ian MacMichael.

Aimee asked: I hate having my photo taken & never manage to smile naturally. I always look really false in posed photos. Does Ian have any tips for me?

Hi Aimee! This is a question we get all the time. Let's face it having your photo taken, especially in front of other people, isn’t not normal is it? In most circumstances when we have a photo taken today, it ends up on Facebook! Even then, we want to look on the phone screen just to check we look OK!!

So, how can we look relaxed and natural on camera on the biggest day of our life? Well, I think that this is all down to the relationship you have with your photographer. Choosing and hiring your photographer based solely on their website or portfolio, without meeting up, is a little risky.

Looking your best and feeling relaxed in your wedding photographs stems, in my opinion, from the relationship and rapport you have with your photographer. When you meet prospective photographers, as well as seeing examples of their work and how they will cope in different conditions we believe it is vital that you feel some sort of connection, even chemistry, between you and your groom and your photographer.

In my opinion, this is one of the key areas in choosing your wedding photographer. We work very hard to build this relationship with our brides and grooms before the day, starting from the very first time we meet.

Our goal with a bride and groom when they see me or Hazel on their wedding day is that they see a person they know, have met and are comfortable with. If the merely see “the photographer”, that immediately creates a psychological barrier and a tension that will transmit in the images.

Your photographer, Aimee, should be someone you can trust and feel comfortable with. As well as making a financial investment with them, you are making a trust and emotional investment that they will not only produce images like the ones that attracted you to their portfolio, but also that you feel that “connection” and trust. Therefore, you will be relaxed, natural and beautiful!

On your big day, you will then not see a photographer, but a person, even a friend, who you know and trust, will make you and your day look amazing.


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