The Wedding Vine Guide: How To Choose The Perfect Ring...

If you liked it then you should of put a ring on it!

Weddings are one of the biggest events in any woman's life there is just so much to do pick a dress, a cake, whether or not to invite the in laws there's way too many jobs, so thank god that you as the man have only one easy job...Right?!

Wrong!... It's the first thing people are going to ASK to see and it's the first thing she's going to WANT to see every morning for the rest of her life so it's got to be right... Right.

Yes we are talking about that precious stone that sits so proudly on the finger of any bride...the ring.

So just like the song states it takes two. Firstly you will need an engagement ring and then of course the wedding band. There are so many different options to choose from we have compiled an expert guide on how to choose the perfect ring...

Step One: The Band

Yellow Gold is the most widely used and traditional choice for a wedding band as they are easier to wear and practical to repair. Most common are 18, 14 and 9ct- they contain around 75% and 38% gold so they can be crafted easily. However with so many precious metals to choose from you may opt for something a little out of tradition.

White gold is often a good choice for those who don’t favor the traditional gold. Whilst the white is still made with the traditional gold it is often alloyed with another white metal such as zinc or nickel and then plated with rhodium to give it hard reflective surface and extra shine. This band will need re-plating after time but are still very fashionable and a great choice.

Rose gold is now also an up and coming design thats very popular, this is mixed with copper to give it that wonderfully romantic rose hue.

Platinum rings are the most expensive of the commonly used noble metals because of its rarity. With its soft, satin-like finish, platinum holds natural hypoallergenic properties, which is great for people with sensitive skin. It is hard, heavy and durable, and many enjoy the heaviness of a platinum band or engagement ring.

As well as precious metals, there are some other modern, durable metals that have become fashionable for wedding rings. These alternative metals offer contemporary looks and include: Sterling Silver, Titanium, Tungsten and Cobalt.

Step Two: The Stone

Diamonds are forever but not for everyone. There are so many beautiful gems out there to choose from including Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald. Popular amongst royalty and celebrities, coloured gemstones are naturally eye-catching. A variety of colours, sizes and settings will allow you to choose a ring that is perfectly suited to you and your personality. The colour of your birthstone is always a great place to start. Not everyone but most ladies do love diamonds so I would always take the bride with you if you’re thinking of buying an alternative stone.

With regards to diamonds there are 4 important factors to consider these are known as the Four C’s...

So whilst you have the great 4cs to assist with purchasing a diamond, colour gemstones are slightly more complex. Therefore it’s important to buy from a reputable jeweller. A few things to ask about:

Value: The cost of gemstones is based on rarity. Natural deeply hued stones are rarer than the paler ones that are less vivid in colour.

Treatments: Many gemstones are ‘treated’ to enhance their appearance, often by an intense heating process. These treatments make more beautiful gemstones affordable. Your jeweller is legally obligated to tell you about any known treatments.

Durability: An engagement ring worn every day can endure a great deal of wear and tear. Sapphires and rubies are almost as hard as diamonds, but softer gemstones like emeralds or cultured pearls might be subject to damaging, and scratching.

Step Three: The Size

If you are insistent on being traditional and surprising her then you are going to have to figure out her ring size without her finding out. There a few ways to do this but you have to be careful. Firstly and probably the easiest way is you could ask one of her friends if they know that way the subject is never mentioned to her.

Secondly and this is a risky option you could take one of her existing rings. Make sure that it’s not one she’s going to miss for a little while and that she wears it on a similar size finger to her ring finger.

However if the thought of option two makes you feel a little queasy then why not tell a little white lie and say that your buying a ring for a female relative. Ask her what ring size she is and even ask her for help picking one out she’ll be none the wiser.

FACT: On November 11th 2015 a 12.03-carat blue diamond was sold at auction for $48.4 million (approx £33 million!) by a billionaire for his 7 year old daughter!

Step 4: The Girl

Now I know this seems a bit of a silly step but when it comes to rings just like everything else in life women are difficult to please. Diamonds aren’t every girls best friend. Recognise your fiancees personality and reflect that with the ring, don't get her a huge diamond if she’s quaint and understated. Also think of her hobbies if she’s an outdoorsy girl then your going to need a bit of a stronger band that can put up with her activities.

Step 5: The Important Bit

Now the romance of it all is amazing and it’s probably going to be the best day of your life when she says yes, but it’s also probably going to be the most expensive piece of jewellery that your ever going to buy so you have to be smart. First of all budget. Now there is a tradition that the engagement ring must acquaint to two months of the mans budget. This is not the law. Buy something that your fiancee will love but also what you can afford. If you want something a bit more pricey but can’t afford it just yet then save up. If you can’t possibly wait and you have to propose then buy a similar ring for a little less of the price after all she’s marrying you not the ring and she will love whatever you pull out of that little box.

Although we suggest avoiding the Haribo option, there’s only certain times when that is appropriate and this is most definitely not one of them!

Guest blog by Melissa Pye

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