Civil Partnership: Your Happily Ever After

Society no longer notices Civil Partnership as a taboo but finally, yes finally, recognises that Civil Partnership is recognised by the law and most people understand that you and your partner want to come together and live happily ever after. Here today at The Wedding Vine, we’re giving you basic facts on this fantastic movement.

What is a Civil Partnership?

A Civil Partnership is a legal marriage between couples that are gay or lesbian. The UK Governments approach to giving comparable rights to same sex couples, as those enjoyed by heterosexual couples. Civil Partnerships have equal treatment in a wide range of equal rights as traditional married couples.

On December 5, 2005, The Civil Partnership Act 2004 came into effect in the UK, allowing couples of the same sex to have legal recognition of their relationship. Any couples who enter into a civil partnership obtain the legal recognition and unity of “Civil Partners”, instead of the traditional husband and wife status.

The Ceremony and Registration

During the registration process of Civil Partnership, couples may choose to speak vows prior to signing the registration. Just as with a traditional wedding couple you are also required to bring a minimum of two people, who will serve as witnesses and are able to sign the registration documents.

To enter the registration of a civil partnership you need to take the following steps:

•    Visit any office where registration may occur, and give notice of your intention to form a civil partnership.
•    Wait for fifteen days, the official notice period
•    Sign the registration, the two witnesses present must also to sign the registration

With this information it will help couples going into civil partnership understand their rights in the law. These responsibilities begin when a Civil Partnership begins.

When did the first legal Civil Partnership take place?

Matthew Roche and Christopher Cramp held their ceremony just hours after the Act came into force at 11:00 December 5th 2005 at St Baranbas Hospice, West Sussex. The 15 day waiting period was waived as Roche was suffering from a terminal illness. Unfortunately Roche aged 46 died the following day.

Since The Civil Partnership Act came into effect, during December 2005 and December 2006, 18,059 couples entered into a civil partnership. By 2009 487 couples in 20 different counties were registered at British consulates. 6 of these counties have since legislated for same-sex marriage, Civil Partnerships or something similar.

This is only the formal process of Civil Partnership. Civil Partnership is the same as a traditional marriage and the official process doesn’t have to be done on the wedding day. The process wont and shouldn’t impact your amazing day with the person you love.

Here at The Wedding Vine, we are incredibly proud that same-sex couples have won this battle for legal marriage. Our hearts also go out Christopher for getting his happily ever after.

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