Happy Diwali! Light Up The Way To Love...

Light Up The Way To Love

The Wedding Vine Guide To Lighting Up Your Big Day


In honour of Diwali - the festival of lights being celebrated all over the world, we thought we would give you some glowing inspiration on how to incorporate lovely lighting into your wedding day.

Giant Letter Lights

Large lit up letters have proved extremely popular in the last two years and looks like a trend that is here to stay. These vintage inspired signs scream fun and is a great way of showing the couples personalities, whether you spell out words, names or even symbols this is a fabulous way of lighting up your reception.


Candles are an idyllic way to create a warm and romantic vibe; use them hanging from trees, floating in water, lighting up the aisle or leading your guests to the reception, candles will always be a ‘go to’ for creating a dreamy atmosphere.


Fairy Lights

Whether your drape the roof of your marquee, wrap them around trees if you’re having an outdoors wedding or you can even create a wall of light using curtain lighting over fencing panels. Whatever you choose, fairy lights will always add a touch of magic.


Whether they’re metal, plain or colourful, lanterns are a fantastic ways of lighting up your wedding reception. Lighting up pathways, signs or even as table centrepieces, they’re sure to create a romantic touch to your wedding. Another fantastic trend is lighting Chinese lanterns; use them as a lovely way to gather everyone outside and send you off in style. Write down a wish or a message with your loved one, and watch it float into the sky, how enchanting! P.S don’t forget to use environmentally friendly, biodegradable lanterns!



Sparklers are another great way of creating a fun send off, they look visually incredible and sparklers bring out the inner child out in us all. Sparklers can also create fabulous photo opportunities, using the right camera skills you can even capture words spelt out in the sparkles!


Fireworks are a hugely popular tradition within the Diwali festival and of course weddings. A professional firework display can truly be a wonderful way to say farewell to the biggest day of your life. So if you’re looking to wow your guests or even surprise your partner then fireworks could be a fantastic way to go out with a bang and be a talking point for years to come!

Happy Diwali!

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