The Tale Of Aruna Seth: The Perfect Wedding Shoe

Aruna Seth, the London based shoe brand was born in 2009 in the leafy streets of Chelsea. The shoes were a little girl’s fantasy coming to life. The designer had envisioned a secret garden where butterflies circled the flowers and princesses wearing sparkly shoes made the magic happen. For ten years, throughout university and a career in banking, this little girl’s dream stayed with her until the day she left to find a real secret garden and the butterflies within. That dream became Aruna Seth, London. That butterfly became the Farfalla, a now iconic accessory on the feet of the best-heeled ladies in London and further afield. Aruna Seth has become a London fashion statement.

Aruna was born in London, of exotic heritage with ancestry in India and the Caribbean and spent her childhood in the Surrey countryside. Her father, a shoe tycoon, gave Aruna her taste for dressing feet from an early age. Her spirit of fantasy, stayed with her throughout her school and university years, where design, not business, was her passion and her ultimate dream. She nevertheless entered the world of finance and banking, only to depart some years later to follow her childhood dream of designing shoes fit for a princess. Exceptions were made for supermodels and Hollywood film stars, who clamoured for the styles embellished with crystals and butterflies. Her idea for a butterfly icon stemmed from her personal obsession with secret gardens, magic fairy dust and butterflies, always the iconic creature in the background, surrounded by crystals and the notion of magical fantasy.

The Aruna Seth client is a woman who likes to look good and wears her fashion with style and confidence. She loves trends but doesn’t follow them religiously. She wants to feel chic and on trend, but doesn’t need to be fashion forward. She is a classic beauty who loves beautiful things, works of art and appreciates quality, heritage and craftsmanship. The Aruna Seth woman is global. She has an active life, as a loving mother, a working girl, a philanthropist, or a socialite– whoever she is, she wants to look and feel great always.

Aruna Seth shoes are handcrafted in Venice, Italy in the same factories as some of the world’s bestbrands. The highest quality shoes are created by craftsmen with generations of shoe making experience, in small exclusive quantities. The attention to detail, intricate fabrications, and embellishments require specific artisanal expertise and hand finishing. The finest materials are used to adorn the shoes; Italian satin, Austrian crystal and French Chantilly lace, in the creation of the evening pumps, which are the core business for Aruna Seth’s brand. The aesthetic combined with the comfortability of cashmere-like cushioning keeps the feet content and pretty all day and all night long.

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