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Anyone who has ever visited TheWeddingVine.com will know that we are committed to bringing you the very best in the world of weddings. We have eagerly listened to your feedback of what you love and your suggestions of how we can make it even better. Over the last few months we have been extremely busy behind the scenes and today bring you not one but two exciting new updates.

Firstly, welcome to our brand new look homepage.  It has been redesigned so that the latest inspirational articles are displayed right at the very top of the page.  My blog also enjoys pride of place at the top of the homepage too, so now it is even quicker and easier to access and enjoy TheWeddingVine.com - your favourite luxury on-line wedding destination.

Secondly, you have told us that you love our Premier Portfolio - an exclusive handpicked collection of the UK’s leading luxury wedding professionals and luxury wedding venues.  You also told us that you love the Premier Portfolio’s innovative smart search function. Well now we have made our smart search function even smarter, so that you can pinpoint exactly what you are looking for, whether it’s a luxury castle, complete with a lake, or a photographer that specialises in photojournalism with a second photographer as a back-up guaranteed. Our brand new search technology is extremely sophisticated and unique - you won’t find anything as comprehensive in the UK wedding marketplace.

We don’t just say that we are committed to being the very best that we can be, but actively make sure that we continue to deliver on our promises to you. 

Well if you love our new updates, wait till you see what’s coming next...  you will be bowled over!

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