Why Choose Pre-Wedding Photography?


Like many women I am completely camera shy, but I simply adore my wedding photographs, I love them so much that I couldn’t settle for a standard sized 40 image album, but chose a vast yet exquisite leather bound Queensbury album packed to the brim with 100+ treasures!  For someone who would rather be on the other side of the camera, that is truly something and was due to one simple fact - for the first time ever I was completely relaxed in front of the camera and the results were nothing short of spectacular.

There are two major components to relaxing in front of the camera, the first is practice, get your stage fright out of the way and the second is to put yourself in the capable hands of a truly gifted professional photographer.

Any bride who adores her wedding photos will tell you that one of the reasons they looked so fantastic in their wedding photos is because they booked a pre-wedding photography session.  They took the time before the wedding to practice, to learn how to work the camera to their best advantage and relax, so that they could look their best on the big day. If the thought of ‘working the camera’ fills you with dread, then think again. It’s not about strutting your stuff and being asked to do crazy stunts at all (unless you want to of course!), it’s about finding out simple things like what’s your best side, what angles work for you and how to move in front of the camera to get fantastic results.

Besides being great fun and getting to feel like a celebrity, it is also a really great way to get to know your photographer and to find out how they work.  Your photographer can also get to know you and find out what you like and don’t like so that they can work with you and help you feel as relaxed as possible and ultimately look as good as possible, which is what every bride (and groom) wants! 

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