Andrew Prince

Andrew Prince has had a passion for jewellery since he was a small child.  After leaving school at sixteen he worked in Bond Street for the Antiques Road Show expert Ian Harris. Under his guidance Andrew developed a taste for jewels that were valued for the quality of design and craftsmanship. 

Andrew then joined the renowned contemporary jeweller Elizabeth Gage and worked with her on the design and production side and was able to handle stones and jewels from her private collection which were to have a great influence on him. His taste for fine costume jewellery started when he came across a late Victorian brooch that was in fact glass rather than emeralds and diamonds even though it was set in gold and silver.

Tired of seeing unimaginative, over priced and badly made pieces he decided to create a collection of jewellery of superior quality - that of 'Andrew Prince Jewellery'. 

Andrew uses only the finest Swarovski crystal and Signity zirconia and each piece is finished to his exacting standards, making it a treasure in itself, and this has led to came special commissions for the likes of Michael Jackson and Shirley Bassey.

Andrew Prince's latest collection is coming soon to  Please register your email address below and we'll let you know when his pieces are available.

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