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Your own virtual wedding planner

TheWeddingVine.com was designed by a professional wedding planner.

Brides and Grooms select their personal criteria for suppliers and services, and TheWeddingVine.com carefully matches their criteria with suppliers that fulfil their needs and budget - in much the same way as professional wedding planners do. Happy clients, happy suppliers – a match made on TheWeddingVine.com!

Stand out from the crowd

We understand that everyone is unique; we celebrate it and shout it from the rooftops of TheWeddingVine.com. 

Whether you're a Bride, Groom or Wedding supplier, you'll soon notice that we are not a generic wedding directory, so you won’t find yourself lost in a faceless fog of florists or the same old sea of stationers. We realise that everyone is looking for that certain special something to make their wedding unique, and it is our mission to make that as easy as possible.

 ‘Vive la difference!!!’

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