Cemal, Celebrity Floral Stylist


Phillo (meaning leaf in Greek) use striking and unusual flowers in their bespoke designs and arrangements. Traditional and contemporary compositions all have the unique Phillo magic.

Cemal, Celebrity Florist Stylist shares his Winter style secrets

Cemal K Cemal, the uber talented Floral Director of London’s premier flower boutique ‘Phillo’  shares his top tips for creating that all important winter wow factor for your big day!

What advice would you give to brides on choosing flowers for a winter wedding?

There are many flowers around during the winter that we associate with early spring such as Helebores, early Narcissi (including fragrant Tazetta hybrids such as avalanche (my favorite) and paperwhites. Forced Hyacinths and Amaryllis are very abundant too. All of these flowers work for a wintery theme if all the flowers used are white. I would therefore advise brides to go with a white and frosty theme and combine the flowers with bare Birch twigs, coppery foliage and berried Ivy. Amaryllis, although an expensive flower, have large blousy blooms that are quite good value, so if budget is an issue a few tall arrangements including these would make a large impact with little effort.

What are your personal favourites for winter weddings?

I love masses of 'Avalanche' Narcissi combined with mosses and Birch twigs to evoke a winter woodland scene. Mini white hybrid Cyclamen or the species such as 'Hederefolium' and 'Coum' have a sweet scent and look wonderful used in small Victorian Terracotta pots palced in the centre of the reception tables with an oversized storm lantern to add a romantic and calming touch.

How do you make a statement with a winter wedding?

I would use lots of specimen vases in different sizes on the reception tables with white flowers such as Paperwhites, Helebores, Roses, Hyacinths, Gelder Rose and Lilac in each one to create a stylish and fragrant 'exhibit'!.

What trends are big for this winter?

We are using large white urns full of a mixture of white flowers and very long Birch to take the arrangemnts up to the full height of the room.

You are known for your innovative designs, what was your favourite winter wedding and what made it special?

My favorite winter wedding was at the Waldorf Hilton in London where we created two different themes for the ceremony and reception in the large Palm court. Four fully grown Palm Trees were shipped over from Florida and placed on the raised area. An aisle of urns with white Roses was created for the marriage and later the room was transformed into a powdery pink and grey themed extravaganza. We used thousands of Roses and dusky pink Hydrangeas and combined these with glaucous grey Tillandsias around one metre high candelabras.

You can see more of Cemal's designs at the Phillo Flowers website.