Choosing a Stylist

Having perfect hair and makeup on your wedding day is just as important as choosing your dress and accessories and choosing a hair & make-up company who have the relevant experience & understanding of your specific needs will give you confidence and an assurance that you are going to look and feel amazing on your most special of days.

But where do you start…

Bridal magazines are the best place to start.We always recommend our brides to start cutting out any pictures which they see and like of hair styles and make-up looks. It is a great idea to start to narrow you choices as the bridal magazines show the styling with the models wearing a tiara, veil and other hair accessories which will be similar to the ones you have chosen or have in mind, so you will always find images which give you good ideas.

Choosing the right stylists

Orchid Indulgence only uses professional artists with many years of bridal experience as a stylist personality and understanding of wedding mornings is just as important as their talent as an artist. Also our artists are all experienced in both hair & make-up which avoids having too many people about on the wedding morning; which is mostly fun but can be quite stressful, so this is something to consider when making your choice. Think about how many of you will be in the bridal party; whoever you book must be able to get you all ready on time without a ridiculously early start.Orchid Indulgence have 5 artists in total so we are able to assign as many artists as is required for each wedding booking, this eliminates the concern about being ready on time and also we always have back-up stylists just in case of any problems.

The Trial

For the bride this is essential and really should be no less than 2 hours. At your trial a professional stylist will do a full consultation with you before she/he even starts to do any styling so that they can understand your expectations and requirements, so have a good think about your like and dislikes. They should also know if you have any allergies or skin complaints, if you have serious issues with your skin many artists will use your own products if you wish them too.

It is most important to have your hair accessories, such as the tiara and veil available for your trail (or you can borrow a sample from the shop) as this will let you see how overall styling will look on the wedding day; some people choose a tiara/veil which does not sit well with the chosen hairstyle – so avoid having this dilemma in the wedding day by testing this out at your trial, then you have time to tweak and get things perfect.

The old tale of not washing your hair for days if you want to wear it up is not really accurate, it is best at your trial to do exactly what you will do on the morning of the wedding day - so if you’re washing you hair wash it! We recommend not to use any styling products, just wash, condition and roughly dry off, as your stylist should really be using products to assist texture and often heated rollers for volume.

Orchid recommends the trial 6 weeks before your wedding date, but no-one should dictate this to you, it is your choice, so you book the trial for when you feel it right for you. Try to avoid choosing the day of you hen-do thinking what a good idea! You will then have given the game away and also a ‘bridal style’ may not be the right look for a fun night out in town!!!


If you do not usually wear make - then ask the artists for a ‘natural-look’ as she/he can always add more if you want more drama with your eyes etc! Don’t go for something dramatic which may scare you into thinking you have made a mistake. Professionally applied make-up will really make all the difference to your wedding photographs as you skin will look flawless and in addition apart from the lipstick/gloss and a little blotting if you are prone to skin shine, you should really not have to touch anything else up, so your hassle free all day.

Do not forget your eye brows – if they not in good order then we highly recommend getting them shaped before your trial & wedding day (some artists can do this for you) and then a good artist will improve and perfect the natural shape when they are applying your make-up, trust us this can make a huge difference as your brows often shape your face.

Again, depending of who you choose to do your styling, some artist will work for certain make-up brands so will only use that range. Others, including Orchid may be commercial artists, so they do not use just one brand of make-up, their kits are immense and for the bridal work it tends to be top end high street brands such as MAC, Trish McEvoy, Liz Arden, Bobby Brown, EL, etc, as this is much better for a natural look and also enables you to go and buy any products which they use. Most artists should also carry hypoallergenic ranges and nowadays also mineral make-up.

Your Bridal Attendants

The same advice really applies for any of your attendants, Orchid does not insist upon trials, again is it a personal choice. Often if you have pictures and are aware of their styling requirements then you can chat with your artist at your trial so they have a good idea of all requirements and can estimate start time more accurately.

Enjoy your Day

To sum up whatever you choose you should reflect your personality, as Orchid says “It is important it is on your wedding day to look as special on the outside as you feel on the inside, but you still want to look like you - just even more beautiful!”