Sharon Bowen Couture


Our designs are daring.
We set trends rather than follow them.

A conversation with Sharon Bowen of Sharon Bowen Couture

Amid a whirlwind of preparations for the grand unveiling of her brand new Boutique Collection, celebrity couturier Sharon Bowen took time out of her busy schedule to share the secret of her success with us. Despite the global acclaim and celebrity client list, she is refreshingly warm and open.

You began your career in Paris many years ago designing for Chloe and Dior, you must have seen many trends come and go since then?

I designed my first wedding dress in 1993 and created quite a stir, it was inspired by Anne Boleyn and had a bold neckline and fine gold lace veil! Many trends make an appearance again and the current vogue for shoulder pads made their first appearance in the 1940s. Trends come and go but I always focus on giving brides what they want, the perfect figure in a perfectly cut gown.

What is your signature style?

I love to make women look and feel gorgeous.  All of my gowns are cut to perfection and create the perfect shape to show a woman at her best, I am known for my trademark corsetry and sexy silhouettes.  I now design with my business partner Rosie Panesar; she has brought a new dimension to our creations with her immaculate beadwork and exquisite embroidery. Our designs are daring, we set trends rather than follow them, it is what gives our designs a unique touch. 

You are just about to unveil your new Boutique Collection, what inspires your iconic designs?

I love glamour and have taken my inspiration from the screen Goddesses of Vintage Hollywood. My muses are the iconic figures of 1940s Hollywood and ooze the glamour and sophistication of their playgrounds, Beverly Hills and Monaco. I adore the smooth polished chic of the great Hollywood movie stars like Gene Harlow and Veronica Lake - every Bride deserves her red carpet moment and to feel like a Goddess of the silver screen on her big day.

Sharon’s new Boutique Collection is available now at Sharon Bowen Couture and selected stockists.