Shocking News: The Honeymoon Period Shrinks By Half!



38% couples take two week honeymoons compared to 80% in 2005
1 in 5 put this down to work pressures and 30% blame financial issues
One third wait up to six months for their post nuptial break
One in 10 don’t have a honeymoon at all
Beach break still most popular choice for a honeymoon, regardless of length
30% of couples getting married now request contributions to their honeymoon in place of a traditional wedding list

The Honeymoon period has halved in length in the last decade, new national research has revealed...
Traditionally, UK couples routinely enjoyed honeymoons lasting two weeks in some of the most exotic locations on earth. But modern work pressures and the increase in couples paying for their own wedding celebrations has curtailed the extravagance once considered de rigeur for all newlyweds, according to a study by leading hotel bookers
Tradition is ushered out into the wedding wilderness with the revelation that just over a third of British couples recently married, or just about to tie the knot, will take a traditional two-week honeymoon.

More than half (55%) of all newly married couples and couples about to get wed claim that they have noticed a huge trend towards shorter, more affordable mini-moons instead of the traditional two week, no expense spared honeymoon of a lifetime.

And now, almost half of UK newlyweds (49%) now either stay in the UK or venture no further than Europe for their post-marital mini-moon, the study reveals. Compare this to 2005, when the top honeymoon destinations for Brits were Hawaii, Tahiti, Fiji, St Lucia, Mexico, Jamaica and Anguilla.
Furthermore, according to a report at the time by Mintel, in 2005 80% of newly married couples went or wanted to go on a 2-week foreign honeymoon.
In 2015, less than a quarter (24%) of UK newlyweds now go on honeymoon immediately after their wedding reception, according to the poll of 2,000 newly-married and about-to-get-hitched couples.
And almost one in 10 couples (9%) now don’t bother taking a honeymoon at all.

Almost a third (32%) of newlyweds will wait up to six months before taking their mini-moon, the research has revealed.
Where once, a bride and groom would be waved off by a gaggle of wedding guests as they departed their evening reception bound for a flight of fancy in the Far East, these days many simply go home.
The driving factors for this sea-change in honeymoon tradition are pressures from work and the cost of the traditional honeymoon.
In 2015 one in five couples say that the pressures of work means they don’t have the time to enjoy a two-week honeymoon.

And another 30% say the fact they are having to pay or contribute heavily to the cost of their wedding day means they can’t afford a traditional two week break in a far flung destination. In 2005 just 16% of couples asked wedding guests for money towards their honeymoon.
Some things remain the same, however. Despite the shorter mini-moon trend, the classic beach break continues to be the nation’s honeymoon trip of choice. Almost three in 10 (28%) of newly married couples head to the beach for their post-marital holiday. A further 22% will seek out rest and relaxation in the countryside and 11% head for a city break. spokeswoman, Andrea Tarpey, said: “With newlyweds footing more of the bill for their big day than ever before, and having greater demands on their time at work, we’re seeing couples embrace the mini-moon and taking shorter, less costly getaways closer to home. 
“With such a fantastic range of destinations on our doorstep, 32% of couples choose to head to Europe, whilst a growing number (17%) opt to stay in the UK to enjoy their first week as Mr and Mrs. Growing in popularity, some 20% will opt for an American mini-moon.

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