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How to feel good when you smile for those perfect wedding pictures!

THE latest orthodontics treatment – the gentle way to give you a beaming bright smile – is available at Northenden House Orthodontics based in South Manchester. The practice is a Specialist Consultant led service consisting of Dr David Waring, Dr Ovais Mailk, Dr Susi Caldwell and Dr Mariyah Nazir. During your appointments at Northenden House Orthodontics they will carry out specialist treatment in straightening teeth generally using clear fixed braces – as used by Hollywood stars. The Orthodontists are specialist consultants at local Hospitals where their patients receive help with more severe problems than improving their smiles. Treatment however at Northenden House is available for all patients with no NHS restrictions and as quoted by Dr Waring “The treatment here might be for less severe problems, but it can make a huge different to the patient’s well-being and self-confidence.” Orthodontic treatment can benefit children and adults into their 60s and 70s, but only severe cases in youngsters can be given on the NHS. All the Consultants are highly trained in Fixed braces, Invisalign and lingual braces (placed behind the teeth).

Embarrassed to smile

A typical adult client attending for a first consultation this week, was a woman of 31, due to marry soon, embarrassed to smile as often as she wants because of ‘sticky-out’ and crowded front teeth. A removable brace tried in her teens had been too uncomfortable – but the Orthodontists took her through the examination process and promised that between 6 and 12 months with treatment, attending every six weeks or so, her smile would be wide and beautiful. Initial examination involved taking moulds of her teeth, photos and X-Rays. A file of pictures demonstrating ‘before’ and ‘after’ possibilities was shown before treatment started and each patient is always aware of treatment process, timings and costs before starting. A consultation letter outlining this is provided. Most patients wish to undertake treatment and this will involve a fitting at the next session of clear ceramic braces or invisible aligners to gentle ease the teeth into the most beneficial position. At the end of the treatment an invisible permanent fine brace would be glued to the back of the teeth to maintain their position.


Added Dr Waring “The difference orthodontic treatment can bring to a patient can be huge – they become more talkative, happier and full of self-esteem. The treatment we provide is none- destructive and gentle so even the most nervous patient can be helped.”

You can find our more about the Northenden Orthodontics practice here

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