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Mark Niemierko on Weddings

The U.K’s leading wedding planner gives his personal insights on how to create a beautiful, personal and stylish wedding.

The Niemierko name has become synonymous with style and quality.  He has planned weddings for many discerning couples that are as stylish as they are unique.  His unrivalled personal service and hands on approach have earned him his very deserving reputation as the ‘U.K’s Leading Wedding Planner.’ Whilst attention to detail and first class service is his hallmark, he has a great sense of fun and as you would expect, knows how to throw a great party!

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I recently caught up with ‘Mr N’ to find out what sets a Niemierko wedding apart, and to share his pearls of wisdom on how to create a uniquely personal, stylish wedding.

You have earned the title as the U.K’s leading wedding planner, what sets a Niemierko wedding apart?

Personality, I’m a Gemini and get bored easily, so I like to keep things fresh.  I am also known for giving an unrivalled, personalised service.  There are other high-end wedding planners, but what I do is unique.  The way in which I work is very service based. I’m always there in person and very hands on – I even go with the bride to get her make up done, it is an intensely personal service so I get to know my brides and grooms very well. We hang out a lot together and this reflects in their wedding - their weddings are a perfect reflection of them as a couple.  At a wedding recently I was so happy to hear one guest say ‘It’s such an amazing wedding and so them!’

What three things do you feel are most important to having a remarkable wedding?

Never be something that you’re not on your wedding day.  For example when I go dress shopping with one of my brides I always advise them to stay true to their own style.  Make a statement so that you feel the most amazing version of yourself that you can possibly be. If you wear a designer dress to work every day, then you should still do that on your wedding day, only do it better with more style and drama.

One of the most important elements are your guests – no matter how amazing everything else is, it is your guests that make the wedding a huge success.  Service is very important, remember that you are the hosts so ensure that your guests are well looked after and have fun and you will have a fabulous wedding.

The planning element of your wedding is also something that you should enjoy.  You should be able to look back and say, ‘You know, I loved the whole process of planning my wedding!’  Have fun at every meeting, eradicate the nuisances and paperwork, hand all of that over to your wedding planner. Indulge yourself, enjoy your menu tastings, sample the fine wines, stay at your wedding venue, and even show up unannounced to see what happens on a day-to-day basis.

What design elements do you feel are important for creating a fabulous wedding?

The floral design is very important but lighting is key. Lights and candles can miraculously transform a venue from an intimate, warm space into a vibrant club scene. Lighting and production can be immense fun. A big visual experiment can add the most drama.

You have a wonderful sense of style that shines through in each event you create. Do your events have a hallmark sense of Niemierko style?

Not from a style point of view as the style is always a reflection of the couple. One of my hallmarks is that I like to break a wedding up. Traditionally a wedding will consist of a ceremony followed by drinks, dinner and dancing, often in the same room. Things can go stale if your guests are left sitting too long and go straight from dinner into dancing.  It’s fun to keep things fresh and have movement – for example, following on from the ceremony, have drinks and dinner and then move on to a separate, beautifully created dessert space.  Whilst your guests are enjoying their dessert, the original space is wonderfully transformed into a fabulous ballroom for the evening. It keeps the element of surprise; everything flows and keeps its sense of fun.

Where do you find inspiration and how do you keep things fresh?

My inspiration always starts with the couple so is always fresh - each couple have their own unique personalities and sense of style. When working with a couple, I take my cues from them and find my inspiration sources from many different things - magazines on interiors and fashion, Martha Stewart, visual sources from theatre and even music videos. 

What do you feel is the meaning of true style?

True style is what you believe in and is a true reflection of you. Reflect the true meaning of yourself and your personality with great confidence.

You have just launched the Niemierko Wedding Planning Academy, how did this come about?

At Niemierko we receive lots of C.V.’s and I am also asked for lots of advice on the best way of breaking into the business from those wishing to embark on a career in wedding planning and am also asked for advice by wedding planners already in the business. I decided to set up the Niemierko Academy as a way for newcomers to receive first class training and guidance for best practice but also for existing wedding planners to take their businesses to the next level.  It’s also an excellent way to network, learn and share for Wedding Planners who are seriously committed to their business and committed to upholding paramount standards of quality and service.  Our first event is in May at The Dorchester and I am so looking forward to it! 

You are known for orchestrating some of the most glamorous and beautiful weddings in the UK. Do you have any favorite’s that you have planned and why?

I have so many….

As I look around my office my walls are full of wedding pictures. I have so many pictures including my grandparent’s wedding and another of my mum as a flower girl. I know it may sound like a cliché but it’s the couples that make a wedding.

One of my favourite weddings was at Claridges in December.  It was so lovely; the couple knew exactly what they wanted, ‘like dinner with friends but with lots going on.’  They had a really beautiful, stylish and intimate wedding.

I was also lucky enough to be involved in the weddings of two lovely sisters. It was a great honour to be asked to do the first wedding and then again to be involved in the second wedding for such an amazing family. It is such a privilege to be able to do this and is hugely rewarding.

At their weddings they both gave me a lot of creative freedom but this was squarely based around knowing them so well. One wedding incorporated elements of tradition and was very elegant, yet had a great sense of fun too.  At the wedding there was a curtain behind which an orchestra was playing, the guests had no idea until the surprise reveal. The wedding was like a movie with lots of different things going on and there was a big element of fun, we created a dessert space for them that had been inspired by the Katy Perry ‘California Girls’ video. They were very into dancing so we had created a moving stage, it was a big production, but still remained elegant and understated, they were very gracious hosts.

Finally, you are so in demand and have a hectic schedule, what do you enjoy doing when you get a rare moment of spare time?

I like to do very simple things really.  When your day-to-day life moves at such a fast pace its nice to be able to unwind with family and friends and I love to hang out with my nieces and nephew.  One of my nieces loves desserts and I recently took her with me to meet Peggy Porschen, the queen of cakes, I have definitely gone up in her cool stakes! I also enjoy good food and restaurants and love to go to dinner with friends as long as I can take a break from all of the organising.  In my private life I am not overtly lavish as some might imagine, my ideal day with friends is definitely spent taking a country walk followed by a great pub lunch.

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