Elegant, Chic & Unique - Beautiful Bridal Gowns from Rebecca Cella

It's always really exciting when you find a designer who is a bit different; someone who breaks the mould; someone who takes an unusual approach and applies it to a traditional art form.

That is exactly what London based designer Rebecca Cella has done with her unique bridal collection. Rebecca doesn't design typical wedding gowns, she doesn't even use typical fabrics. Rebecca makes wedding dresses using bespoke, knitted fabrics, designed by herself and made to order in her London studio.

Unusual as they may sound these dresses work. In fact, they really work. Rebecca Cella wedding dresses are sexy, they're glamorous and they're elegant. Her designs allow brides to express their individuality on their wedding day rather than feeling that they have to confirm to tradition.

We spoke to the innovative designer about her unique take on bridal fashion and how she goes about making her beautiful, bespoke knitted wedding dresses.

Tell us a bit about your background - how did you get into bridal design?

I went to St Martin’s College in London where I studied textile design. The fabrics are the starting point of all the designs and are what makes the collections so unique. I started the bridal range after I got married in Ibiza in 2010. I always felt that I would make my own dress but at that point I had never made a bridal gown so it was a little daunting, but as soon as I had started on my dress it was clear that the fabrics I make are so beautifully suited to a bridal range. For my wedding dress I chose a signature fabric of mine which is knitted using a delicate silk ribbon in ladders embellished with a shimmering white chain, with a hint of silver every now and then which sparkled in the light.

You specialize in bespoke knitted fabrics which aren’t commonly associated with bridal wear – how have you translated these fashion forward fabrics into wedding dresses?

The fabrics just lend themselves so beautifully to that more traditional kind of shape. They’re all hand knitted, they’re completely exclusive and they are knitted using silk threads and silk ribbons and have a lot of beautiful weight to them. With all the embellishments and everything else that I put on top or incorporate into the knitting machine they just sculpt really beautifully.

What can brides expect when they come to see you?

It’s a very different, very bespoke experience. It’s all about the shape and the way that the fabrics really sculpt and hug the body. My brides really can have anything they want, because we’re making the fabrics from scratch. They can build in anything, whether it’s pearls or different detailing, a really low back, a higher back or a different neckline; they can even have a bodice built into it.

I made a dress recently for a bride who wanted elements from my wedding dress but with a gold thread going through and a low back. She chose a different skirt using a fabric with chiffon petals which fall down like little blossoms all around – it’s really pretty.

What is it about bridal design that appeals so much?

I find the process so rewarding – making a wedding dress is like the ultimate design. When I was younger I used to sit in class and I would sketch my classmates wedding dresses - it’s quite funny how I’ve actually ended up doing that!

We're really taken with Rebecca's distinctive take on bridal wear - chic, unique and perfect for style conscious brides wanting to stand out on their wedding day!

For more information visit www.rebeccacella.com.

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  • Emma says

    23rd October 2012 at 7:26 am

    Can't believe they are knitted! Really nice designs.

  • Bryony says

    23rd October 2012 at 9:40 pm

    The photos are gorgeous! I love the first design in particular - it's got a real Latin feel to it!

  • Kamelya says

    30th October 2012 at 7:55 am

    wow really love this dress. looks amazing.

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