Getting Started - Wedding Suppliers


So what services do we provide?

Here's a summary of the services we provide to wedding suppliers. We're got a healthy list of new benefits we want to bring to you over the coming months, so sign up and we'll keep you informed!
Benefits Free Listing Claimed Listing Premium Listing
Enhanced Optimisation Yes Yes Yes
Profile Page with Smart Tagging Yes Yes Yes
Image Gallery 1 image / logo 12 images 50 images
Gallery Searching* Yes Yes Yes
Refined Searching Yes Yes Yes
User provided feedback Yes Yes Yes
Editable business listing Anyone can edit Editable by you only Editable by you only
Promoted to home page "Featured Supplier" list*   Yes Yes
Video     Yes
Highlighted listing     Yes
Priority Listing     Yes
Option to showcase your business via our home page hot-spot     Yes
Trials of new features**     Yes
Price FREE £25 £120

* Features coming before the end of 2009. ** We aim to do this, but some features may be rolled out without a trial.

Getting started in 5 easy steps:

Step 1: Check if we already have a listing for your business by searching for your company name

Step 2: If you find your business listing, edit your details by clicking "Edit"

Step 3: Can't find your profile?  Click "New Listing" to create one

Step 4: Lock your listing by clicking on the "This is my Business" button

Step 5: Upgrade to a premium listing by clicking "Upgrade"