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...and we sincerely hope that you enjoy our brand new concept for planning your wedding online!

This may sound like a story you’ve heard on many other websites, but we came up with the idea for after planning our own wedding back in 2006. Victoria is a professional Wedding Co-ordinator and has run a successful wedding planning business since 2002, but even for professionals there are limited available online resources. Mark became aware of this during the planning of our own wedding, and was surprised by the limited offerings available on the internet to help people find ideas and inspiration for their weddings. So after the wedding (well, not immediately after!), we got to thinking about our next challenge. Our daughter was keeping us happily entertained in our home life so our thoughts turned to what we could do to improve the online experience for Brides (and Grooms!) who didn’t have a professional wedding co-ordinator in the family. And out of this, was born...

Quite simply, our ethos is to put the couple first in everything that we do. We aim to be the Bride’s and Groom’s best source of inspiration and ideas, a place to go to try things on for size, the place to find what’s new and upcoming from invitations and flowers through to dresses and decorating your venue and finding the perfect honeymoon destination! We want to bring a wealth of resources to the market, and to make it so easy to find and use them that you’ll wonder how couples ever planned weddings before they existed!

We have so many ideas and plans for you that we’re bursting with excitement at the possibilities we see, so please keep with us as we unfold our exciting ideas to you. We’d love to tell you all about them, and I hope you appreciate that we will tell you about them as soon as we can! But so that we can start to help right now, we’ve decided to launch our alpha site as a small sample of these things to come.

Our vision for the alpha site is to provide you with those ideas that might just kick start your thoughts and get you looking to our stylists and partners and the wider wedding community, leading to the beginnings of a wonderful idea in your mind. So, you’ll find a steadily building collection of articles, inspiration and write-ups of what can make a wedding unique and special to you.

As we progress through the coming months, we’ll start to deliver our innovative online tools for your use and enjoyment – the kind used by professionals only simpler. We’ll help you style your wedding and find suppliers much easier than you now can. We’ll help you keep track of your guest lists and budgets and help you remember all of those things that need to be done, and to provide you with a community of people to call upon for advice, guidance or just to use as a sounding board for something you’d like to try, and much, much more! You may think you’ve seen this on other sites already, but please believe us when we say you really haven’t!

So let us tell you a bit more about who we are is the brain child of Mark and Victoria Strefford. Victoria is the founder of Pure Wedding Consultants. Since 2002, she has planned beautiful and inspirational weddings for many couples, from those spending £5000 on a wedding day to those spending upwards of £150,000 on a weekend of lavish celebrations. She has enjoyed media exposure having written for Pure Weddings magazine (no relation!) as well as appearing on BBC’s The Sunday Morning Show discussing wedding plans, and BBC North West Tonight commentating on the wedding of the daughter of the Duke of Westminster. In essence, Victoria provides inspiration, style and wedding know-how behind Mark is a talented IT consultant and has worked with many leading UK and international companies. His passion is in delivering innovative technologies to new market sectors, and it was his progressive technical know-how that has helped shape to where it is now.

The idea for came about one lazy Sunday afternoon as we sat in our garden enjoying some afternoon sun, and from that day some 18 months ago now, we’ve steadily built upon the idea to make it what it is today. We’re working with some of the best minds in the wedding, media and internet industries to make sure that we deliver on our promises to you!

We have lots of innovative ideas to bring to you, but we want this to be your site too, driven by what our community of users need. So please tell us what you think, what you would like to see, and help grow (pardon the pun!) into the ultimate online wedding experience. Just to finish, we’ll give you one wacky piece of trivia. The name came to us when we were on holiday, sitting on top of a hill in the middle of the Cornish countryside! And we’ve proudly retained the receipt from the little internet cafe where the domain name was registered!