Wedding Celebrations on the River Thames

I'm so excited about featuring this wedding shot by the fantastic Martin Beddall - one of our favourite Premier photograhers. Having married in a traditional ceremony at St Mary's church in Putney, Anna and James decided to take advantage of the church's waterside location and host their reception on the River Thames itself! With famous London landmarks in the background, the wedding party celebrated in style and it made for some amazing images.

Photographer Martin told us:

"Covering Anna and James’s wedding began with a coincidence for me. “I know you!” said the bride’s father, who had opened the door when I arrived to shoot the preparations.

It turned out that Anna’s father was a former colleague of mine from my days as a photographer at The Times. Not just that, but as my first published photograph in the paper was from a tennis tournament, it had accompanied a report by Anna’s father who was the paper’s tennis correspondent...

But back to the wedding itself. A documentary coverage that began at Anna & James’s home, just around the corner from the church, St Mary’s. A local landmark next to Putney bridge in south-west London, the church has a unique layout. After several restorations and a big fire, the inside layout it is orientated 90 degrees to what you would expect. Hence Anna and her father enter the church to the side of the altar. It makes for a more ‘in the round’ experience and is great for photography.

After the ceremony, it was down to the river Thames and a reception on a boat. A trip downriver to the Houses of Parliament and then back to continue the reception at the Westminster Boating Base. It was to be here, later in the evening, that James – a talented filmmaker and photographer – played out his ace card. (A large proportion of my clients in 2012 have been creative people – filmmakers, graphic designers and photographers – a trend that is continuing into 2013)

With the first dance due to start, James reached down for his guitar. He then sang a song he had written all about his new wife, Anna. It was brilliant. The women in the room cried and no doubt the guys in the room groaned – James had just raised the bar for prospective grooms by a long way!"

For more information on Martin Beddall Photography, visit his profile page on The Wedding Vine or go to

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  • Neale James says

    28th January 2013 at 7:16 pm

    Some fabulous photography here - love the London backdrop, and the documentary approach to coverage.

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