Designer Wedding Necklaces

A stunning range of designer wedding necklaces and chokers from designers Andrew Prince, Eclectic Mix Accessories, Polly Edwards and Peter Lang Australia.

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  • Sage Mia-Flo Necklace by Eclectic-Mix

    Mia-Flo Necklace

    By Eclectic-Mix

    This classic / versatile design, embellished with Swarovski pearls and delicately hand sewn can be worn either as a necklace or as a headdress / bracelet. Finished with a beautiful satin ribbon tie this design is available in ivory, cream, sage, grey and fawn. Other colours and samples are available upon request.

  • grey Florence necklace by Eclectic-Mix

    Florence Necklace

    By Eclectic-Mix

    This statement necklace is delicately hand sewn and adorned with Swarovski pearls and finished with a beautiful satin ribbon tie. Available in sage, grey & fawn. Other colours are available upon request.

  • Ivory Carol-Anne Necklace by Eclectic-Mix

    Carol-Anne Necklace

    By Eclectic-Mix

    Beautifully plaited and hand sewn Swarovski pearl and braid Collar. This design can also be worn to adorn the hair and is available in two styles. Style one is available in cream or ivory & finished with satin ribbon tie. Style two is available in sage, grey or fawn & finished with hand dyed cotton ribbon. Other colours and samples are available upon request.

  • Peter Lang Art Deco Choker from the Royal Gala Deco Collection |

    Art Deco Choker

    By Peter Lang

    Art Deco Style Choker that will add the most elegant vintage style to any bridal gown.

  • Peter Lang Art Deco Swarovski Necklace from the Royal Gala Deco Collection |

    Art Deco Swarovski Necklace

    By Peter Lang

    Delicate intricately designed Art Deco style necklace with Swarovski crystals for the most feminine of brides.

  • Peter Lang 3 drop Art Deco style Swarovski crystal necklace from the Royal Gala Deco Collection |

    Triple Drop Art Deco Style Necklace

    By Peter Lang

    This superb statement triple drop chandelier necklace with Swarovski crystals will add a wonderful sparkling finish to any wedding gown or evening dress.