Wedding dresses by Domo Adami

Designer Profile

The Domo Adami dresses are created by skilful tailors, a multiethnic team that re-invent an re-create the style of a new–Renaissance of Italian culture. 

An accurate care of details and a professional craftsmanship are the main features of the “Made in Italy” tradition. 

In a an historic village located Km 30 SOUTH of Milan, the industrious contest of the town of Vigevano, is where the Domo Adami world, a world for a sophisticated bride, has been created, produced and exported in the whole world for 15 years.

Dresses are entirely produced in Italy in our tailor’s workshop, where our product office searches and develops prototypes, which are eventually manufactured in laboratories spread in Northern Italy. All that under the sign of affordable luxury and international appeal and top quality.