Wedding dresses by Lea-Ann Belter

Designer Profile

Lea–ann Belter has been making beautiful gowns for a select group of brides for close to two decades.

The details of a Lea–Ann Belter gown do not dazzle, they seduce. Hand–sewn pearls, Austrian crystals and soft delicate embroidery whisper softly of taste and elegance. Lea–Ann works closely with her textile mill in India and has even designed some of her own fabrics such as beautiful silk brocades and softly colored dupioni silks.

Brides across the world seek out the beautifully crafted Lea–Ann Belter collection for a myriad of reasons — simple and elegant designs, incredible attention to detail, workmanship equal to or better than that of the creations from the runways of Paris. Lea–Ann Belter’s wedding designs are simply beautiful.