10 Top Tips for Unforgettable Wedding Fireworks...

10 Top Tips for Unforgettable Wedding Fireworks

Who doesn't love a bit of sparkle and drama (the good kind) at a wedding? Fireworks have long been a popular way to round out the evening do, but we've all been to weddings where the fireworks just dragged on....and on....or where there was altogether too much bang and not enough wow.

If you want your wedding fireworks to be a romantic showstopper, here are some top tips to make your reception go with a bang for all the right reasons...


1. Match Your Fireworks to Your Venue

Nabbed yourself a grand stately home for your big day? Fantastic, you've probably got room to go to town with the pyrotechnics. Grand venues such as Blenheim Palace tend to have longer/further viewing distances, so you'll need a higher grade of fireworks for the impact you want. Your fireworks provider will figure this out when they survey the site, but if you have a choice of fireworks spots within your venue, choose the one which will give you the best display within your budget.

On the other hand, if your reception is somewhere more intimate, there may be a limit to the fireworks you can safely have — less room than a football pitch and you'll need to get creative with your ideas. Fountains and wheels have less of a fall out zone and are good options for venues with limited space.

2. Match Your Fireworks to Your Guests

If you have a lot of kids or older relatives in your crowd, consider low noise fireworks and think more about colour and effects than noise. Some venues now insist on quiet fireworks in any case, but even if yours doesn't, quiet and romantic can have more of an impact than loud and full on — it's a wedding, not Bonfire Night.

3. Choose the Right Display Length

Less is more. For the same budget, you'll get more of a wow factor in a shorter display than a longer one where the fireworks will be more spaced out. For weddings, between 4-8 minutes is usually a good length, especially if it's cold outside. Don't make your guests hang around for too long.

4. Consider Musical Choreography

What could be more romantic than fireworks perfectly choreographed to fit *your* song? The addition of music and excellent timing can turn just another fireworks display into something truly worthy of your special day.

5. Personalise Your Fireworks with Lancework

Lancework is effectively fire writing or fire drawing. If your budget stretches to it, you can have virtually anything done with lancework, from your initials or names to a message or stylised drawing or symbol. Good lancework definitely ups the wow factor!

6. Don't Go DIY

Most venues won't allow DIY fireworks, and it's easy to see why — it's a safety and insurance nightmare for a start. Even if you are allowed, organising a display safely is a huge responsibility (read: headache) for someone in your party. Wouldn't you rather they enjoyed your day instead? Besides, with the best will in the world, a DIY-er won't achieve the same wow factor as a professional company, and won't be able to buy high-grade fireworks in any case (retail grade fireworks are less powerful).

7. Choose Your Fireworks Company Carefully

When you're selecting a wedding fireworks company, look at videos of their previous work, and assess how accommodating they are of your preferences, colour scheme and ideas. It's your wedding - don't be fobbed off with a standard off-the-shelf package. It's perfectly possible to inject your style and personalities into your fireworks, so talk to your provider and find out what's possible.

8. Be Careful with Sparklers

Sparklers are a big wedding trend at the moment and can look gorgeous in the photos - but do be careful. Fireworks and alcohol don't mix, and guests who are worse for wear shouldn't be messing about with sparklers. Put someone responsible in charge of who gets to play and who doesn't.

9. Be Open to Alternative Fireworks Ideas

Wedding fireworks don't have to be in an actual display. How about firework fountains along the driveway as you make your getaway? Your first dance within a circle of fountains; cutting the cake against a backdrop of sparklers? If you can't have outdoor fireworks at your wedding, consider indoor ones instead - all kinds of pyrotechnics and stage effects can be created to wow your guests and seal the moment.

10. Be a Good Neighbour

It might not matter so much in a venue with huge grounds, but in a smaller venue it's courteous to let the neighbours know to expect fireworks on your wedding night. They may have pets, livestock or children they need to keep safe and will appreciate the advance warning.

Fireworks are the perfect end to a wedding —but plan ahead, be creative and be aware of potential irritations like noise. With these tips in mind, both you and your guests can enjoy the wedding fireworks finale of your dreams!

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