White Gallery Reveals Luxury Designer Wedding Accessory Trends

It’s no secret that carefully chosen wedding accessories complete and “finish” a luxury look. But, as with all things fashion, wedding accessory trends are ever-changing. Styles, colours, materials, adornments and other facets of bridal accessory design change with each season, which makes ensemble engineering a challenge when the big event is many months away. 

With this in mind, during my recent trip to White Gallery international bridal design exhibition I asked various industry-leading luxury accessory designers for their opinion - not only about what’s currently hot in today’s marketplace, but also what will be in vogue in the season ahead.

The talented duo, Tania Boron and Lisa Harris, founders of Magpie Vintage certainly have their finger on the pulse in luxury wedding accessory trends. “Delicate flowers are really hot” in line with the vintage trend. Old Hollywood style has influenced the wedding style scene in a big way for statement pieces, and continues to do so. Case in point as Magpie Vintage designs its vintage Hollywood collection. The company also has an opulent ‘Orient Collection’ featuring vintage colours with fresh water pearls and rhinestone, which will be unveiled soon….

Images courtesy of Magpie Vintage

According to Nicola Ball, co-owner of the award-winning bridal headdress design firm Halo & Co., “Silk flowers and bird cage veils have been a huge key look, but vintage side-pieces are also very popular - vintage is still a key buzz.  We tend to focus on textures and are famous for using tuille, which is soft and fresh with real feminine appeal.  Our tiaras are still very popular with brides too.”

As for the future, not everyone will bind themselves by tradition.  “Brides are definitely expressing their own style more and more, which is what’s most exciting about being a designer…being able to use lots of different influences to create looks that brides love,” she said.

Images courtesy of Halo & Co

Hats and headpiece designer Vivien Sheriff, founder of Vivien Sheriff Millinery also underscores the vintage vibe, noting the popularity of her beautiful ‘Evelyn’ veil described as “very 1920s and ‘Euphoria’ with it’s dramatic goose feather centre and veil of Crinolin.”

Images courtesy of Vivien Sheriff Millinery

About headwear, Polly Edwards, designer and founder of Polly Edwards Tiaras and Head-dresses, decidedly popular among the celebrity set, knows that today’s bride wants to be beautiful and bold. “Statement pieces are extremely hot at the moment – vines, garlands, asymmetric styles.”

“The status of the head piece has been raised,” she notes. “It’s not just about adding a finishing touch – headwear is now a major part of the outfit and defines the overall look.”

Images courtesy of Polly Edwards Tiaras and Head-dresses

According to Katzi Jewellery founder and designer Angela Scoon, bejeweled hair accessories are popular in the luxury marketplace. “Brides are certainly going more up-market. Our very special new collection will incorporate hair combs and exquisite tiaras that complement our beautiful jewellery. These are handcrafted using the finest materials including sterling silver and precious gems.”

Images courtesy of Katzi

Paul Wendt, UK and European distributor of Peter Lang, Australia’s premier designer of luxury Jewellery, also notes the popularity of statement pieces – particularly those “vintage with a modern twist – glamorous yet timeless.” Lang’s striking statement pieces are the preferred choice of international celebrities and have adorned the likes of Kylie, Beyonce and Nicole Kidman to name but a few.

“Brides are now putting much more of an emphasis on their jewellery,” he says. “They are looking for beautiful jewellery that can be worn again, heirlooms of the future-but very wearable today!”

Images courtesy of Peter Lang, Australia

I’m personally a fan of Peter Lang’s Royal Gala collection reflective of his signature style, with its key pieces of silver with white crystal and soft grey satin ribbon. The beautiful vintage settings include bows, swags and clefs encrusted with Swarovski baguette and brilliant cut crystals.  Heirlooms indeed.

With vintage still dominating the current wedding accessory-scape, what’s old is definitely new again, but redefining tradition. Up ahead, look for brides thinking outside of the box and circumventing old school fashion rules with luxurious wedding wardrobes not just punctuated by-but actually planned around-those all-important accessories.

For more information on these luxury designers, and to see their latest collections, please visit the following websites:

Peter Lang's sole distributor is Barberini Fashion at http://www.barberinifashion.co.uk/lang
For more information on White Gallery, please visit http://www.whitegallery.com

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